The native token of MojitoSwap

MJT is the native token and the governance token of MojitoSwap.

Contract Address:0x2cA48b4eeA5A731c2B54e7C3944DBDB87c0CFB6F

Holding MJT can enjoy the following:

✅ Participate in liquidity mining and get MJT mining rewards

✅ Become a LP and enjoy the MojitoSwap transaction fee-sharing

✅ Have the right to the future governance of MojitoDAO

The transaction fee in MojitoSwap is 0.3%. And 60% of the trading fee generated is used as a reward for LP holders, 26.67% is used to buyback and burn MJT, and 13.33% is moved to the treasury.

About MJT Distribution

The total supply of MJT is 100,000,000 and the token distribution is as follows:

Mining: 75%

75% of the tokens will be used as a reward for liquidity mining

Labs: 10%

10% of the tokens will be allocated by DAO voting

Team: 6%

6% of the tokens located to the core team and full-time employees and will be released in the next 4 years linearly.

Marketing Cost: 4%

4% of the tokens will be used to incentivize community builders and opinion leaders to increase traffic in different social platforms, encrypted communities, Reddit communities, and developer forum communities

Brand Cost: 4%

4% of the tokens will be used for MojitoSwap brand maintenance and promotions.

Airdrops: 1%

1% of the tokens are used to give back to the KCC community and help build the KCC community ecology. The unclaimed part will be burned in phases at a later stage.

The current average daily supply of MJT is 86,400, with a 20% reduction on mining rewards every 180 days.

Buyback and Burn

✅ Buyback and burn monthly (trading fees)

✅ The burning plan of the remaining unclaimed MJT in the 2nd Round Airdrops

✅ Others

Go to medium to view more info of buyback and burn

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