What is the MojitoSwap Referral, and how to use it?

What is MojitoSwap Referral?

MojitoSwap Referral Program aims to reward those users who are willing to promote MojitoSwap. Users can share their unique referral links with others. Anyone who connects their wallet on the KCC network will become your invitee. As a reward, both the inviter and invitee will receive commissions based on the transaction completed by the invitee.

In short, users can get extra MJT by inviting their friends to MojitoSwap.

About Commission Rules

After your friend becomes your invitee, you will get 5% of the transaction fee generated by them on MojitoSwap. Your friends will also get 1% of the transaction fee generated by themselves.


  1. The commission will be counted when users complete transactions on MojitoSwap by swapping the following trading pairs: USDT-WKCS, USDT-USDC, MJT-WKCS, WKCS-USDC, WKCS-ETH, MJT-USDC, USDT-MJT, and WKCS-BTCK.

  2. The commission income is calculated from 00:00 on T Day to 00:00 on T+1 Day (UTC), the income will be issued at 06:00 AM on T+1 day (UTC).

  3. The commission will be calculated in USDT value and distributed as MJT based on the average price of MJT-USDT on that day.

  4. The commission will be available to be claimed for up to 7 days. The system will automatically take back any unclaimed commission after 7 days.

  5. Invite new users rebate is valid for 90 days,no rewards will be returned after 90 days.

How to use the Referral?

  1. Go to https://app.mojitoswap.finance/ and connect your wallet to the KCC network. Here is the tutorial on how to connect your wallet to MojitoSwap.

2. Click the ‘Referral’ button on the side banner.

3. You can view the Referral link and Referral ID on the page. You can copy the referral link to share it with your friends or on social media. Or click ‘Invite now’ to send an invitation via poster.

Note: Please make sure your invitee clicks this button below when they use your referral link to connect their wallet on MojitoSwap.

Don’t worry if the confirmation page is closed. Users only need to click ‘Add referrals’ on the Referral page and enter the inviter’s referral ID to bind.

4. Scroll down to the bottom of the page to view the commission details on DashBoard and Referrals.

Earn extra MJT by inviting your friends to MojitoSwap.

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