How to participate in MojitoSwap Launchpad?

Before Sale

1. Set up your wallet on KCC and connect your wallet to MojitoSwap.

The tutorial of how to set wallet on KCC

The tutorial of how to connect your wallet to MojitoSwap

2. Set up your own Profile and join a favorite team. View the tutorial right now

Note: This step cannot be skipped. Setting up your Profile and joining a team is required to get involved with the Launchpad.

3. Prepare enough MJT in advance. Click here to see how to buy MJT

Note: There may be differences in the MJT tokens required by different projects. Please refer to the project announcement.

During Sale

Currently, MojitoSwap Launchpad is divided into two Methods: Limited Sale and Unlimited Sale. Users can choose of their own will.


1. The participation time of Limited Sale and Unlimited Sale is different. Please pay attention to the opening and closing times.

2. The sales methods of both Limited Sale and Unlimited Sale are 'oversold overflow'.

In the 'oversold overflow' method, users can invest any amount of MJT tokens in participating in Launchpad at their discretion. The number of tokens a user ends up earning depends on their share of the total amount invested in Launchpad. After the sale, users can claim the purchased tokens, and get back the remaining funds (MJT Token) that have not been withheld.

In short, the more funds users invest, the more tokens they eventually buy. After the sale, users can receive MJT tokens that have not been withheld.

3. There is a handling fee for the Unlimited Sale, and the handling fee will be dynamically balanced according to the oversold ratio.


1. After the sale, users need to claim tokens within the specified time. Failing to claim it within the time limit will be regarded as a waiver of the eligibility to receive it.

2. Users need to claim the MJT tokens that have not been withheld in time, and MojitoSwap will have the right to dispose of the MJT tokens that have not been claimed after the expiration date.

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