💸Cocktail Lottery Tickets

Cocktail Tickets is another big update for MojitoSwap. It is a game that's easy, fast, and convenient. The most important thing is that it gives you a chance to win a huge MJT prize!

Basic consensus

  • Price: $1 worth of MJT per cocktail ticket

  • Restriction: There is no total limit, but a maximum of 30 tickets can be purchased at a time

  • Rules: Match the numbers from the left side of your ticket to the winning numbers drawn at the end of a Lottery round.

Winning Criteria

  • The digits on your ticket must match the correct order to win.

Here’s an example lottery draw with two tickets, A and B.

Ticket A: The first 3 digits and the last 2 digits match, but the 4th digit is wrong, so this ticket only wins a “Match first 3” prize.

Ticket B: Even though the last 5 digits match, the first digit is wrong, so this ticket doesn’t win a prize.

Prize brackets don’t ‘stack’: if you match the first 3 digits in order, you’ll only win prizes from the ‘Match 3’ bracket and not from ‘Match 1’ and ‘Match 2’.

The prizes are as follows:

Prize Funds

The prizes for each lottery round come from three sources:

  • Ticket Sales: 80% of the MJT received from ticket sales goes to the prize pool for each round.

  • Prize Rollover: After each round, if there are prize brackets with no winners, the MJT prizes of those brackets will be rolled over to the next round and will be redistributed in the prize pool.

  • MJT Injections: 10% of the daily MJT production will be injected into the prize pool before the start of each round. This MJT is of course also included in rollovers!

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