How To Play the Cocktail Tickets

🎅If the digits on your tickets match the winning numbers in the correct order, you will win a portion of the prize pool. Just join in to earn more money to get more alcohol, bro.

Visit the MojitoSwap Cocktail Tickets page and look at the top of the page. The current round's prize pool is shown in (estimated) US dollar value. This is the amount to be shared by all the winners.

Next to the prize pool, you'll find the remaining time before the current round is drawn.


  • Not all Lottery rounds are equal. When a jackpot isn't won, the next round's prize pool will increase;

  • The longer it's been since someone has won the jackpot, the larger the Lottery prize pool will be.

  • The longer a round is open, the more people can buy tickets. Each ticket sold increases the prize pool further.

Buy a Cocktail Tickets

Buying tickets is easy. Prices are set when the round starts, equal to $1 in $MJT per ticket.


  • A user can only buy 30 tickets at a time, but there is no limit to each purchase round!

  • Buying multiple cocktail tickets at once gives a bulk discount on your purchase. You can buy as many as 30 tickets in one purchase, with the discount starting small at 2 tickets and scaling up to 1.45% at 30 tickets.

1. Click [MojitoGames ] >> [Cocktail Tickets ]

2.Click [Buy Tickets] to get your own tickets now! There's also another button at the lower part of the page;

3. A window will open to letting you choose how many tickets you want to buy. Type how many tickets you'd like to buy into the field.

4.You can choose to either randomize your lottery ticket numbers or manually choose your ticket numbers.

① For Random Selection :

Numbers are randomized, with no duplicates among your tickets. You can click [Buy Instantly] to get the tickets,When you're happy with the number of tickets, you want to buy, click Confirm and confirm your action in your wallet.

②For manual Selection,

To customize the numbers on your tickets, click the [View/Edit Numbers] button.

Tap a number to edit it. Available digits: 0-9. You can randomize your numbers again by clicking the [Randomize] button. When you're happy with your numbers, click the [Confirm and buy] button.


  • The more tickets you buy, the greater the discount. The discount starts at 2 tickets and scales all the way to 30 tickets, where you will save almost 1.45% on your purchase.

  • [Automatic participation] button once opened, the same betting plan will be created automatically as this one

  • You'll get a warning if you create duplicate tickets. It's possible your duplicate tickets will win. In this case, your tickets will share in the prize pool for their bracket.

View your tickets after buying

You can view your tickets after buying them before the round's numbers are drawn.

1. Click [xx Tickets] in the "Last Draw" area of the page.

2.A window will open showing all of your tickets and their numbers. It'll also allow you to buy more tickets if you'd like.

Check for Prizes

On the top of the page, you'll see the current round's prize pool shown in (estimated) US dollar value.

There are two draws every day: once every 12 hours. Once the round’s over, come back to the page and check the results.

1.Click [Your History] in the "Completed Rounds" area of the page.

2. Click [View More] to confirm the details.

3.If you won, click [Withdraw] to claim your rewards.

4. You can change or cancel your Automatic plan on the ‘Automatic participation’ area of the page.

Referral Program

You can get extra MJT by inviting your friends to use Cocktail Tickets.

After your friend becomes your invitee, you will get 5% of the transaction fees generated by them on buying Cocktail Tickets.

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