How to set up your profile?

First, connect a wallet that supports the KCC network to MojitoSwap.

Second, click 'NFT'> 'Profile'. And enter the setup page by clicking 'Activate your profile'.

Third, choose a career you like and click 'Enable' > 'Confirm'.

There are 5 careers in the 1st version. Minting different careers will cost different amounts of MJT, which will have different skillsets and additional properties in the future so you can make decisions based on your own preferences. Note: You are only allowed to mint once for the starter collection!

After the step above, you can then set your name and click 'Enable'>'Confirm'> 'Next Step'.

Note: Once the name is confirmed, it cannot be modified. So please tread carefully and set it properly.

Next, you can select and join your favorite team, click 'Completed Profile' to complete the setup.

Note that changing teams are not allowed once you joined, however, so please choose wisely. The rules regarding the teams will be revealed in the future. For now, you can choose your team and fight for hidden honor and wealth.

Lastly, once your Mojito profile is all set, you can now view your NFT.

Users can click the modification symbol to replace their avatar with other NFTs in the collection. You should take note however that only non-Profile NFTs can be traded.

Important Notes:

1. MJT is required to mint the Starter NFT. It is recommended that users purchase or deposit enough MJT to the wallet in advance.

2. Usernames are one of a kind. Get your favorite names registered as soon as possible.

Click the link to start the journey of minting MojitoSwap Profile’s NFT now!

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