How To Play Prediction?

Before Predicting

1. Connect your wallet

Click [MojitoGames ] >> [Prediction ] >> [Visit]

2 View the info

The Prediction page shows quite a bit of information. Predictions operate in 10-minute rounds. Make your prediction before a round goes live to join in.

A. Time Left: To enter a Prediction round, you'll have to check how much time is left in the current round. You'll find the timer in the top-right area. B. Tutorial: You can find more details here. C. Leaderboard: Let's see who tops the list. D. History: View the number of rounds and history of your participation. E. Oracle Chart: Can provide real-time price information.

Start the Game

1. Switch between two prediction markets

MojitoSwap offers two separate prediction markets for every player to choose from. You can play based on the ETH/USDT price, betting with ETH. Alternatively, you can play based on BTCK/USDT price, betting with BTC.

2 .Make a prediction

When you're sure you have enough time, you can place your prediction for the next round.

In the "Next" section, you'll see the green "Enter UP" button and the red "Enter DOWN" button. Click Enter UP if you want to predict a rise in price, and click Enter DOWN if you want to predict a drop in price.

Each will have a different reward multiplier. The multiplier will change over time as the "Prize Pool" increases depending on the participant's predictions. The prize pool is shown just above the buttons.

We'll choose Enter UP for this example.

โ‘ Click [Enter UP] >> type the number of tokens you would like to commit to your prediction for this round in the field >> click [Confirm]

โ‘ก After your transaction confirms, an "ENTERED" message will appear.

View Results

1 .Waiting for settlement

As the 10 minutes finish, the "LIVE" section will change to "Calculating". Calculating the results only takes a moment.

2. Viewing your results

The result of the round will display with either UP colored in green or DOWN colored in red.

3. Claim your winnings

If you win your entered round, a [Collect Winnings] button will appear, click that button, then click [Confirm].


A live round will last for 10 minutes. You can watch the price update during the 10 minutes if you'd like.

You cannot change your prediction during a live round. You are locked into your prediction from earlier.

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