Business Partnerships

MojitoSwap's liquidity providers can get MJT rewards by staking liquid LP tokens in Bar (Farm).
Wine Pool is a product for staking tokens to obtain staking rewards.
Bar and Wine Pool are combined products. Generally speaking, in business cooperation, when the project provides token rewards for Wine Pool, Bar will also be created for liquidity mining rewards.
If your project requires such cooperation, please follow the procedure below.

Application for Bar and Wine Pool:

1) You need to fill in the application form.
After receiving the application, we will do our best to reply hopefully within one week. Due to the large number of applicants, we cannot guarantee that all applications will be answered timely. If you do not receive a response within 2 weeks, please send an email to [email protected];
2) If you encounter problems during the application process, please contact MojitoSwap Telegram community administrator.

Q&A on How To Get Listed on MojitoSwap

How to list tokens on MojitoSwap?
Anyone can list any ERC-20 token on MojitoSwap and add liquidity directly to the liquidity pool without communicating or asking for our permission. After liquidity is successfully added, users can find and trade tokens through the token contract address.
How to add my token to the default list?
The list generates and displays tokens according to the following rules: it is based on the transaction volume within a certain period of time. The extended list contains most of the project tokens that have opened farms in MojitoSwap. Also, if the token is selected by the MojitoSwap team, it may be added to the extended list. We do not accept applications that want their tokens added the list. Users can enter token contract address to manually add and save tokens.
How to add a token's logo?
If you want to add your token logo, please refer to this document:
What should I do if the token is forged?
Because MojitoSwap is a decentralized exchange with an automatic market-making mechanism, it cannot prevent any ERC-20 token trading. Therefore, it is recommended that you ensure the visibility and clarity of the token contract address and correctly guide your users to conduct secure transactions.
How to deal with errors encountered by users when trading tokens?
Please contact [email protected] providing the project name, token name, and errors encountered.