How to trade on MojitoSwap’ NFT Marketpalce?

Getting prepared

1、Set up your wallet on KCC and connect your wallet to MojitoSwap.

1.The tutorial of how to set wallet on KCC

2.The tutorial of how to connect wallet to MojitoSwap

How to buy NFTs in the NFT Marketplace

1、Click “NFT”--“NFT Marketpalce” --“Strat Trade”

2、Select the Collection you want to trade and click it(Here is an example of Mojito Cattle)

3、Select the NFT your prefer and click “Buy Now”-“Confirm Checkout”. Notes:It will cost 1% marketplace service fee.

4、Then you can click on the wallet avatar to enter the profile page and see your NFT collection.

5、Set up your Profile(optional)

How to sell NFTs in the NFT Marketplace?

1、Click on the wallet avatar to enter the profile page or Click "NFT"-"Profile" to enter the NFT page.

2、Select the NFT you want to sell and click it

3、Click on “sale”-“enable”.Then set the appropriate price and complete the listing

Notes:If the price is set too high, higher change it will be less attractive to buyers. Please set in an appropriate price range.

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