🍾Make your own drinks on MojitoSwap

MojitoSwap Mainnet:

Mainnet Deployed @ https://app.mojitoswap.finance/#/

Router Address: 0x8c8067ed3bC19ACcE28C1953bfC18DC85A2127F7

Factory Address: 0x79855A03426e15Ad120df77eFA623aF87bd54eF3

WKCS Address: 0x4446Fc4eb47f2f6586f9fAAb68B3498F86C07521

MojitoSwap Testnet:

Router Address: 0x59a4210Dd69FDdE1457905098fF03E0617A548C5

Factory Address: 0x0B9427F175EfB95C3EbB7b9009B12dc685F517E6

WKCS Address: 0x5512Ae5E7eE55869dA7dc2a5D2F74a5Df65683B8

How to get your own drinks( token :)) LOGO on MojitoSwap:

  • File Extension: png . Uppercase PNG is considered invalid

  • File Namelogo.png

  • Size: 256px by 256px

  • Background: Preferably transparent

2. Token Information File

  • File Extension: json . Uppercase JSON is considered invalid

  • File NamemjtTokenList.json

The following example shows the information that must be included in the mjtTokenList.json file. Please ensure that the details are accurate and in the format required. The contract address shall follow the checksum address format (see next requirement).

"name": "MojitoToken",
"website": "https://app.mojitoswap.finance/#/"
"explorer": "https://explorer.kcc.io/token/0x2ca48b4eea5a731c2b54e7c3944dbdb87c0cfb6f",
"type": "KRC20",
"symbol": "MJT",
"decimals": 18,
"status": "active",
"address": "0x2ca48b4eea5a731c2b54e7c3944dbdb87c0cfb6f"
"description": "MJT is a native token of MojitoSwap",

3.How to get your LOGO Approved#

Fork and Submit @ https://github.com/MojitoFinance/mjtTokenList

The Pull request will be screened before it gets added to the repository. In order to get approved, your submission must meet the following requirements.

  • Your project has a website.

  • Detailed Token Information.

  • Has a social media presence.such asTwitter,Medium or others.

  • Verified Contract on KCC Explorer.


  1. The name of the token logo and the symbol should be consistent and it's lowercase.

  2. The token contract address and link should be subject to the block browser.

Enjoy yourself just in mojitoswap!👏

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