1.Connect to decentralized wallet "MetaMask" installed in extension on browsers (it will automatically change to KCC net), you can get rewards in terms of $MJT by just swapping assets.

2.When you hit the 'Exchange' tab, you can swap the particular trading pair at "swap" page, after this you can check and withdraw the trading rewards at the same page by clicking the button "Claim"

3. Then $MJT will land in your wallet. The $MJT rewards would accelerate until you claim them.

4. The specific shaker rewards distribution is as follows:

a) Multiplier determines the weight of reward that each trading pair gets distributed from every block. For example, if 1x means that the user gets 1 MJT reward in a block by trading mining, 10x means 10 MJT rewards for each block.

Tips:Please claim your $MJT rewards in time, or MJT which you can claim might get decrease/diluent by other trading users.

Shaker: https://app.mojitoswap.finance/minning

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